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Dog-friendly Options in the Wolfeboro Area

Want to take your dog on vacation? Dog-friendly vacation rentals make it possible to have them join you. However, dogs are not welcome on public beaches. So while you are out swimming and enjoying the beach, your dog will likely be left at "home".

Here are some places where you can take your dog so that he can get in the water and enjoy some summer fun.

Get out on the Bridge Falls Path (the "rail trail"). There are several spots along the trail where dogs can get in the water. Your pup can swim at the boat ramp to Cresent Lake. Click here for more info and photos of the beautiful path.

Front Bay Park is on Bay Street. It is a circular trail with access from a parking area on Bay Street, or from the "sidewalk" on Elm Street (109A). This is an area that is often vacant or there may be one or two other people at the park. There are steps that lead to the water's edge. This is great for dog swimmers. You could also get in the water there and toss a ball for your pup to fetch in the water.

Knights Pond just over the town line from Wolfeboro in Alton. This is a secluded area owned by Lakes Region Conservation Trust. It is a gem of a place. Click here for a blog post I did with photos from the pond.

You can take pups to a few restaurants in Wolfeboro that have outside dining. They are: Wolfetrap, Nolan's, Dockside, and the downtown coffee shops with outside seating on the sidewalk such as Harmony House.

Dogs are welcome on trails and hikes and there are many in the area with amazing views. Lakes Region Hiking. Castle in the Clouds has many trails and some with waterfalls.

We hope you enjoy your vacation with your dogs in the Lakes Region. There are more places you can bring your dog all around the lake. I just focused on Wolfeboro since our rental is in Wolfeboro. Get out and explore, there is much to see and do in the beautiful state of New Hampshire.


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