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Frequently Asked Questions

Parties of any kind are not permitted.

Cancellation & Refunds:   

Cancellation applies only to reservations made and confirmed, prior to your arrival. 

All payments are applied first to rent, then to NH State tax, cleaning and security. In the event your plans change prior to your arrival we will work with you to change your reservation to another time subject to the availability of the property. If you request a cancellation of this contract, regardless of the reason, a refund will be given only to the extent that another Tenant can be found to occupy the vacated dates reserved under this contract. The security deposit and cleaning fee will be refunded if you have paid the total amount due. If the Rental Property is re-rented for the same rate and time, the cancellation is subject to a $100.00 administrative fee.

Rental rates are non-refundable if reservation is cancelled less than 60 days prior to arrival. Guest will be held responsible for full rental amount including all taxes and fees. In the event the property is re-rented for the full length of stay and at the same price or higher, there will be a cancellation fee of 10% or $200.00, whichever is greater, and remaining monies will be refunded. Deposits are non-refundable as they are to secure the dates. If Guest wishes to cancel his/her reservation, the deposit will not be refunded. Deposit is non-refundable as it is to hold the dates.


Change of Reservation:  Any change of a confirmed reservation is subject to a $25.00 administrative fee and the consent of the Owner, subject to the availability of the requested dates.

Early check-in and late check-out is not possible on back to back turnover days. If those days are not turnover days we may be able to grant your request. 

Dog Policy:

Our properties are dog-friendly. Dog beds, water bowls, and dishes are provided.​ We ask that you bring dog blankets or coverings if your dogs sleep on the bed with you, or sit on upholstered furniture. ​While we do not mind that your dog sleep with you, we do mind having our blankets and duvet covers covered in dog hair. ​So please, please plan accordingly. If you do forget to bring one grab a sheet from our linen storage and cover the bedding and upholstered furniture. 

Baby Gear:

We have Pack-N-Plays and a high chair available to borrow. Please let us know if you need it so we can have it at the property.

Responsibilities at Check-Out

  • The house must be left in the same condition that it was upon check-in.

  • Return furniture to original locations (including porch) with cushions, pillows and chairs/sofas neatly intact and free of stains, debris, and odors.

  • Wash and put away all dishes, pots, pans, glassware and cutlery. (empty dishwasher) 

  • Kitchen counters and dining tables should be free of food debris, and spills.

  • Organize all games used during your stay.

  • Remove all food and trash and place trash in sealed plastic bags in designated trash receptacles

  • Strip all bedding and pillowcases on beds that you have used and bring to laundry area.

  • Blankets and comforters shall be folded and stacked on beds along with pillows. Only if blankets or duvet covers are stained or soiled shall they be placed in the laundry bins.

  • Refrigerator should be clean of spills and purged of spoiled food. (condiments can remain)

  • Outdoor grill should be cleaned and stored in original location.

  • Place all used towels and bathmats in the laundry bins.

  • Close and lock all doors and windows (except in peak summer on back to back turnover days)

  • Turn off lights. 

  • Depart by 10am on your departure day unless a noon check-out was granted.


  • Please, please, please separate recycled items from regular trash. You do not have to separate the recycled items from one another, just from regular trash. 

  • Do not include: wax cardboard such as juice and milk carton, plastic drink containers from fast food places (I.e. Dunkin Donuts), plastic plates or cutlery.

  • Recycled items can be bagged together and placed in designated bins. 

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