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Best of Spring

Except for the mud part, Spring is great in New Hampshire. It's great because it is less busy and less crowded, yet the sights are still beautiful. It is the perfect time have a little more room at your favorite bar, or not to have to wait too long for a table at your favorite restaurant, shops are less hectic, and you are able to find abundance of parking spaces downtown.

So before the snow melts and outdoor gardening can begin, there is time to getaway and enjoy some quality time with family and friends before the hustle and bustle of late spring and summer commence.

Here are some ideas for things to do this spring:

  • Take a hike! You won't sweat to death, and you won't freeze. The South Moat Mountain Trail is a relatively short hike that provides 360 degree views from the summit. Click here.

  • Go shopping! In addition to unique shops in downtown Wolfeboro and North Conway, there is Settlers Green which has a great variety of shops.

  • Take a drive! Some people don't like to drive in winter weather and therefore don't travel the Kancamagus Highway in winter as it can be a bit treacherous. But in springtime it is less scary and definitely much less traffic than summer and fall.

New Hampshire offers so much beauty year round it's a shame to not explore it in the spring when there are less tourists around. We encourage you to book direct with vacation rental owners, local inns, and hotels to avoid paying additional fees using online booking sites.

If you can't get to NH this spring, there is always the other three seasons of the year. Each season offers unique experiences, we just hope that you come and experience New Hampshire.

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