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Walk in Nature

Knights Pond in Wolfeboro & Alton is a wonderful place to enjoy nature in a serene and quiet setting. Several guests that have stayed at our Wolfeboro vacation rentals have expressed how much they enjoyed this area and trail with their dogs. So I thought that I would get photos so I could share.

First off, Knights Pond is in a somewhat remote area and as you travel there might think you might get lost. Access to Knights Pond is off of Rines Road in Alton. Rines Road is off of RT 28. The entrance to the conservation area is marked with a sign. You drive down a rough road, which you might almost think is wrong to drive on, but keep going...there is a small parking area.

After you park you have to walk a bit to get to the pond. Once at the pond you will see the trail lead off to the right. It is marked the whole way around the pond. It is mostly level, but there are a few incline areas. Walking around the entire pond takes about ninety minutes at leisurely pace.

There are a few spots where dogs can easily access the water. Our dogs aren't swimmers so they just walked around in the sandy spots.

What's nice about this area is that it is off of the beaten path so it isn't mobbed with people. I nice way to spend a bit of time in the woods and enjoy the simplicity of the pond and trees.

The conservation area is dog friendly and you can walk without leashes.

Here is a link for more information Click here.

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