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Bridge Falls Path - Cotton Valley Trail Wolfeboro

The Bridge Falls path provides a scenic walk, run or bike along the shores of Back Bay in between the Railroad Depot downtown to Wolfeboro Falls. After Crossing Route 28, it becomes the Cotton Valley Trail and continues on towards Albee Beach, Wakefield and beyond.

A decommissioned railroad turned trail makes for a level terrain from one end to the other. Scenic views can be experienced the whole way. Some parts are a bit wooded, some are wide open that overlook lakes.

Sometimes the trail is busy, sometimes it is quiet. Either way, it is still peaceful and away from traffic. It is a dog friendly place. Your dog can enjoy spots along the path to take a dip and drink some water.

Click here for more detailed information about the trail.

Here are photos from the Wolfeboro portion of the walk from Mast Landing to Albee Beach.

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