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Guest’s Responsibilities before Check-out:

The house must be left in the same condition that it was upon check-in.


Return furniture to original locations (including porch) with cushions, pillows and chairs/sofas neatly intact and free of stains, debris, and odors.


Wash and put away all dishes, pots, pans, glassware and cutlery. (empty dishwasher)


Kitchen counters and dining tables should be free of food debris, and spills.


Organize all games used during your stay.


Remove all food and trash and place trash in sealed plastic bags in designated trash receptacles


COTTAGE ON HIGH: Strip all bedding and pillowcases and bring to laundry area.

Blankets and comforters shall be folded and stacked on beds along with pillows. Only if blankets or duvet covers are stained or soiled shall they be placed in the laundry bins.

Refrigerator should be clean of spills and purged of spoiled food. (condiments can remain)


Outdoor grill should be cleaned and stored in original location.


Place all used towels and bathmats in the laundry bins.


Close and lock all doors and windows.


Turn off lights.  Lower thermostat temperature to 60 degrees Fahrenheit (cold weather only).

Depart by 10am on your departure day unless a noon check-out was granted.


Please, please, please separate recycled items from regular trash. If you do not, a deduction from your security deposit will apply. You do not have to separate the recycled items from one another, just from regular trash. 

Do not include: wax cardboard such as juice and milk carton, plastic drink containers from fast food places (I.e. Dunkin Donuts), plastic plates or cutlery.

Recycled items can be bagged together and placed in designated bins. 

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