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Worth the Climb

Cozy Decor at Stairway Cafe

It is easy to overlook or not even notice this café among all of the shops, restaurants, buildings, and scenery in the small busy village of North Conway. Stairway Café is located on the second floor of a village building. This gem is worth the effort to climb the stairs.

The stairs leading to the café are inviting and encourage you to climb them to see what awaits at the top. You will likely be greeted by a welcoming person that will guide you to table. The décor is warm, colorful, and adorable. There is nothing cookie cutter about this café.

An eclectic décor adds interest and charm to the small space. It can be a bit cramped when at full capacity as the tables are nestled in close proximity to one another.

Once you are settled into your seat you will have much to read and consider on the menu. It is vast and has unique offerings for many palettes. Photos shown here illustrate the pretty plating and hearty offering.

Seeing into the open kitchen one can see how busy it is as the one or two cooks crank out the dishes as quick as possible. So relax and enjoy the experience, it’s not a diner.

Our only bit of advice it that if you see a line, you should consider coming back another time. The wait can be long since there is no wait list and first come, first serve to the people at the top of the stairs.

Click here to visit their website.

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