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Sunrise, Saco, & Family Time

A guest from Pennsylvania makes to the most of her family’s one week vacation to the Bartlett / Conway area and writes a summary of their stay and time in the Mount Washington Valley.

Here is how Karen summarized her visit to our cabin and the area.

"Cozy? Comfy? Welcoming? Roomy? Pet-friendly? Fully stocked? Centrally located? Yet just far away from it all to feel peaceful? Check, check, check to all of the above! This cabin has it all. We enjoyed a wonderful stay with 3 active teens and a dog. By far our favorite place was the cabin’s porch, only because the view and the vibe were unbeatable. But inside was a close second because every room was absolutely inviting, with lots of thoughtful, stylish touches from the wonderful hosts.

We did plenty while we were there. Some highlights: Sunrise on Mt. Washington. Auto road is only open for sunrise a few days of the year, but if you're there during one of those days, we highly, HIGHLY recommend it. Pro-tips: When people say it's cold at the summit, they mean COLD. Even in August, it was 35 degrees the morning we were there. But soooo worth it. In addition to the sunrise, we caught a proposal and an actual sunrise wedding. Also, get there early. Auto road opens at 4:30 and we thought we'd be one of the first. Not by a long shot.

Saco River Tubing: We opted for the 1 mile float, but there's so much to see, do and enjoy on the river, it took us 4+ hours. Pro-tip: If you don’t think to bring your own paddle, a decent size branch is all you need to navigate the river. Though we were there on a very low/slow day so your mileage may vary.

Diana's Baths: Just beautiful. Lots to see and explore. So many places to set up and enjoy a picnic lunch. We ended up parking (probably illegally) down the road a bit, and there are plenty of signs warning of fines. So, pro-tip: Get there at opening to snag a spot in the lot. Also, water shoes are a good idea.

Trail's End Ice Cream: Within walking distance of the cabin. (editor's note: it is technically in walking distance, but it is a long walk) Amazing homemade flavors. Ginger was incredible, as was (surprisingly, still can't explain it) Lemon Chocolate Chip. Only down (not really) side is that the employees must have a different grasp of the word "small." Our 12yo couldn't finish her kiddie size. That's a first.

The only thing that surprised me about the trip was our restaurant visits were hit-or-miss. Flatbread Pizza was so good, we went twice. And Bagels Plus had some amazing options (and free bagel-end dog treats!) But we did takeout from a couple of places (because eating on the aforementioned porch was just so much fun) and results were meh. Luckily, we were able to whip up some incredible meals in the fully-stocked kitchen.

Here is a link to many dining options in the Valley.

Can't end this review without giving a huge thanks and thumbs up to our incredible hosts. Had several questions when we were there and Julie answered them immediately with wonderful suggestions. Plus there were so many little touches - from the fresh-baked cupcakes and water-filled dog bowl waiting for us at check-in, to the toiletries provided, to countless other details. At one point, I had debated with myself whether the additional fee for an Airbnb Superhost host was worth it. Answer is: Absolutely! "

Thank you to Karen for her detailed summary of her week in the Valley. As a vacation rental owner since 2005, I am delighted to get a detailed review like this one. We strive provide a home where family and friends can gather to relax and make great memories. We love that people enjoy, experience, and appreciate the beauty, attractions, and local businesses of New Hampshire. It is a state that offers a diverse landscape from the mountains, lakes, ocean, rural country, historic towns, and a few big cities. I hope that Karen inspired you to come to New Hampshire for visit.  

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Julie Fergus is the Owner and Manager of three New Hampshire Vacation Rentals. She personally manages and cares for her vacation rentals. A hands-on approach ensures that vacationers, travelers, and guests arrive to a clean and welcoming home.  Julie is a professional interior designer view her design work here.

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