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Learn to Ski and Have Fun!

Learn to Ski Using Terrain Based Learning

As a non-skier, I like the idea of skiing, but I could not grasp it enough to love it so I watch from the lodge. It is fun watching the newbies, the experts, and the toddlers. The toddlers are the most fascinating because they seem to have not fear. Perhaps because they are so close to the ground therefore falling doesn’t seem that scary.

If you want to learn to ski and not be a watcher from the lodge like me, there is a way to learn that can take the fear out of it. It’s called Terrain Based Learning.

I talked with a friend who is a ski instructor for beginners at Gunstock Mountain in Gilford, NH. He has been teaching Terrain Based Learning two days a week during ski season for years. He has seen all levels, strengths, ages, and personalities. A common trait among the students is the fear and anxiety of falling and mastering the chairlift. This is overcome with Terrain Based Learning.

Terrain Based Learning teaches using a using specifically shaped snow features so that novice skiers can experience the different aspects of skiing. Several terrains are built in the beginner’s area where students can start off with a very simple grade (terrain) and then move up to harder terrains after each prior was successfully learned.

By using the different shaped snow features, new skiers will naturally control their speed and body position. This helps ease fears so they can learn each terrain and practice balance before moving on to a more challenging terrain.

My friend says group lessons are great for young children. If you are not a young child, he strongly suggests going for private lessons because you will get personalized and customized instructions that suit your ability.

Winter is a beautiful season in New Hampshire. Learning to ski will get you outdoors to experience the mountains, see incredible views, and get some exercise in fresh air.

Cranmore in Mount Washington Valley offers a five-step terrain course. Click here to learn more.

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