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Detailed Tour of RV Interior

This video shows everything the Coach is stocked with. Shows how to operate the stove, details of the bathroom, systems panel, how to prep for slide retract and extend, and much more. This will take place of the detailed tour at pick-up. This is how the coach will look at pick-up. Thanks for watching.

Countertops and sinks in the kitchen and bathroom have been updated and replaced with butcherblock. See photos. 

Change to Over-Cab

Since the interior video tour we changed the over cab area. Here is a video of the change. Nothing major, just a change to give more volume of space the coach area. The curtains and rod are still on board for use if desired. 

How To Dump Black

& Grey Tanks

Watch the video to see the step by step tank dumping procedure. Refer to the rental guide on board for more information. 

Tour of Outside Storage Bins

Take a tour of the outside storage bins. We will supply the outdoor chairs, outdoor rug, string lights, and drying  rack. 

Electric and Water Hookups

This video shows you how to hook up the electric and water at the campground.

Screens for Cab Doors

This video shows you how to install the screens that slip over the cab doors. 

Click here for the full list of amenities of the RV rental.

RV Awning

This video shows you how to extend and retract the RV awning. Please use with care.

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