Water and sewer line replacement is underway.
Road is closed to car traffic during work hours M-F / 7-5. 
Road is open for car use from 5pm - 7am.

Access and parking from Elm Street to avoid the disruption at High Street.

Here is a video showing the path from the cottage to our home where we can offer parking and access to avoid High Street disruption. This video is sped up 2X speed. A slow walk will take about four minutes.

Photos showing the parking options.

The path drops down to our back yard where the red arrow is drawn. You can park here. From there you drive out of our driveway. Very easy. 


Due to the road work project we purchased a 4-wheel drive utility vehicle (UTV) that can be used to drive from the cottage to the parking in our yard. 

We will go over details if you choose to use the UTV. 


The UTV seats two people with seatbelts. There is a "pick-up bed" to put your stuff in as you travel to your car. 

Parking example as used by cottage guests.

Seems to be working out fine for everyone. 

Our address is 43 Elm Street, which is RT 109A.

The red line represents the path in the woods from the cottage to our house. 

Screenshot (119)_LI.jpg

We have two of these wagons, one at the cottage, one at the path entrance at our yard. Use them to transport stuff to and from the cottage if needed if you are walking on the path. 

High Street Entrance
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Cottage Driveway Entrance at Fence
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Saturday - June 26. 

Cottage is the last house on this dead end street. Entrance to the driveway is through the fence. 

Saturday, July 3

Working right outside the cottage. 


Wednesday, July 14

Working at the entrance to High Street