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Brick House
49 Center Street, Wolfeboro, NH
Check-in after 3:00 - Check-out by 10am.
Once you arrive and settle-in please text Julie at 603-828-7606 so that we know you have arrived. Thank you very much.

Welcome to the Brick House! We hope you enjoy your stay. We want you to feel at home. Please read the following list to help make your stay easy and comfortable. Our home is a half a mile away. So we are very close by if you need us.


Call us if you have questions or need assistance at the cottage:

Julie Cell: 603-828-7606

Tom Cell: 603-387-9237


In case of emergency call: 911

All calls to 911 from cell phones are routed to central dispatch in Concord.

Another option is the Carroll Country Sheriff Dispatch center 1-800-552-8960


Adress to give to emergency personnel:

49 Center Street / Route 28 (Center Street) / Wolfeboro



Huggins Hospital

Turn left from driveway. Turn left at town center onto South Main Street (Rt. 28 South) Huggins Hospital is located on the left at 240 South Main Street.


House Guidelines and Tidbits

  1. On check-in day the door will be unlocked.

  2. There is no cable TV. Use Smart TVs to stream your favorites.

  3. We have provided a few items you might need in a pinch, toothbrushes, shampoo etc. Help yourself to what is in the bathroom vanity if you need them.

  4. Please keep in mind that this is not a commercial hotel. Please be thoughtful and careful when using the furnishings and fixtures.

  5. We have town water but we are not on a town sewer. Please flush only the toilet paper provided and nothing else.

  6. Linens, blankets and extra towels are stored around the house for your convenience.

  7. Smoking is permitted outside only. Dispose of cigarettes responsibly.

  8. There are two furnace shut off switches: one at door to basement, one on wall to attic stairs.

  9. The main electrical panels are in the basement. Secondary panels are in the second floor back hall.

  10. Vacuum is in the storage closet next to powder room

  11. Broom and mop are in the storage closet next to powder room

  12. There is a known black bear, skunks, and raccoons in the area. Please be sure not to leave any food or garbage outside overnight.

  13. Please do not allow children to bring food or beverages into the bedrooms.

  14. Please be mindful of neighbors and keep noise to a minimum. No noise after 9:00pm.

  15. The windows are old and some require sticks to keep open.

  16. The rocks near the parking area are not on our property. Please discourage children from climbing there.



  1. The fireplaces are non-working. Do not attempt to use any fireplaces.



  1. There is an attic fan that runs regularly to take the hot air out of the attic. (you may hear it running)

  2. AC is provided by window units. 

  3. It is possible to cool the whole house by having all of the AC units on and doors open to rooms. 

  4. The 2nd floor bedrooms have ceiling fans and this helps move air around. 

  5. Please be mindful of the energy costs and conserve energy.

  6. Move the fans around as you need them.

  7. The lower level stays relatively cool. There is a dehumidifier in the lower level that keeps the space dry, but does create a bit of heat. 



  1. Please keep glass, plastic and cans out of the trash and follow the recycling sign posted.

  2. Place recycled items in the bin on the side of the garage.

  3. Dispose of all garbage in plastic bags and place in the cans near the grill. Be sure to secure the top with the bungee cord. Garbage is picked-up during turnovers.   



  1. Wireless broadband internet is available. The router is in under the credenza in the living room

  2. Password is 49center


Please, no food in bedrooms. This applies especially to children!

Guest’s Responsibilities before Check-out:

The house must be left in the same condition that it was upon check-in.


Return furniture to original locations (including porch) with cushions, pillows and chairs/sofas neatly intact and free of stains, debris, and odors.


Wash and put away all dishes, pots, pans, glassware and cutlery. (empty dishwasher)


Kitchen counters and dining tables should be free of food debris, and spills.


Organize all games used during your stay.


Remove all food and trash and place trash in sealed plastic bags in designated trash receptacles


Refrigerator should be clean of spills and purged of spoiled food. (condiments can remain)


Outdoor grill should be cleaned and stored in original location.


Place all used towels in the hampers, laundry baskets, or on the floor in the bathrooms. 

All unused beds should stay as presented upon arrival.

All used beds should be left un-made (do not strip bedding). 


Close and lock all doors and windows, unless otherwise specified. 


Turn off lights.  Lower thermostat temperature to 60 degrees Fahrenheit (cold weather only).

Depart by 10am on your departure day unless a noon check-out was granted.


Please, please, please separate recycled items from regular trash. If you do not, a deduction from your security deposit will apply. You do not have to separate the recylced items from one another, just from regular trash. 

Do not include: wax cardboard such as juice and milk carton, plastic drink containers from fast food places (I.e. Dunkin Donuts), plastic plates or cutlery.

Recycled items can be bagged together and placed in designated bins. 

Best way to stay in-touch during your stay is via text. We many not always be able to answer your call, but we can text within minutes. 603-828-7606

List of essentials provided at the house:

Smart TVs

Wireless broadband internet

Gas grill

Washer / dryer | Iron & board

Blender, Hand mixer

Coffee maker, microwave, toaster

Pots and pans, baking sheets and pans

Several measuring cups, mixing bowls

Dishes, utensils, glasses

Serving bowls, platters and utensils

Roasting pan and rack

Cutting boards

Cheese grater, Wine opener, Citrus juicer: hand held




Blow dryers


What we supply:

Toilet paper

Linens (beds made for you prior to arrival)


Bath and kitchen towels

Bar soap

Cleaning products

Trash bags

Laundry detergent (but if you plan to do a lot of personal laundry we ask that you bring laundry detergent)

Kitchen condiments: spices, coffee, tea, dog biscuits, salt, pepper, sugar, etc.

Foil, wax paper, plastic wrap

Paper napkins


Dog-Friendly Policy

All of our properties are dog-friendly. Dog beds, water bowls, and dishes are provided at each property.

We ask that you bring dog blankets or coverings if your dogs sleep on the bed with you, or sit on upholstered furniture. 

While we do not mind that your dog sleep with you, we do mind having our blankets and duvet covers covered in dog hair. 

So please, please plan accordingly. If you do forget to bring one grab a sheet from our linen storage and cover the bedding and upholstered furniture. 

Your care is greatly appreciated.



Helpful Hints and Information


Kindness Animal Hospital
(603) 539-2272

5 Water Village Rd (RR 171) Ossipee


Winter Harbor Veterinary Hospital


667 N Main St Wolfeboro



Winnipesaukee Veterinary Emergency Center

8 Maple St Meredith (603) 279-1117

This is an after-hours vet center.



Harvest Market & the State Liquor Store are located in Plazas on Center Street


Hannaford’s in town. Across from Cate Park. It is a small grocery store.


Rite-Aid – in the same plaza as the in-town Hannaford’s.


Hannaford’s is a larger grocery store. It is 10 miles from the house. From driveway, go right. Take RT 28 (Center Street) for 10 miles and at the T intersection Hannaford and Job Lot will be on your right.


Bradley’s Hardware store is like a mini-department store. The have just about everything! Kitchen items, tools, hardware, garden stuff and other supplies.

To get there:

Turn left onto Center St  

At the top of the hill go right into town. On the right you will see Birkshire-Hathoway /Spencer-Hughes Real Estate on the right. Turn right onto Rail Road Ave. Bradley’s is on the left.


Restaurants: Please go to our Local Links page for live links to restaurants.

Nolan’s – Main St, Wolfeboro. Brick oven pizza. Casual busy place. Good food and service.


Wolfetrap – Bay Street, Wolfeboro. Good seafood and location. Open Summer only. Can get very busy, so plan accordingly. It’s a great lunch spot. Patio overlooking Back Bay.


East of Suez – 775 S. Main Street. 603-569-1648 Reservations suggested. Awesome unique dining experience. Open Summer only. Authentic Pan-Asian cuisine served all summer in a rustic 100 yr. old lodge on the outskirts of Wolfeboro. BYOB.


Garwoods – Main Street, Wolfeboro. Decent food and service. Outdoor dining. Great for lunch!


Mise En Place – Lehner Street, Wolfeboro. Fine dining in small restaurant. Expensive but good.


The Wolfeboro Inn – Main Street, Wolfeboro. Hit or miss with this place.


Downtown Grill –Main Street, This is a great breakfast and lunch place. Can get very busy.


El Centenario Mexican – Union Street, Wolfeboro. Authentic Mexican food made by real Mexicans. Small place so it gets full very fast and early.


Sea Bird – Center Street, Wolfeboro. Good Chinese food right down the street.


Bayside Grille – Mill Street, Wolfeboro. Nice family place and place to watch sports. Outdoor patio overlooking Back Bay.


Seven Seas – Depot Street - Downtown, Wolfeboro. Interesting crepes menu. Good coffee, outdoor tables on sidewalk.

for shopping, dining and recreation listings and local events.  

There are spiders and bugs because the house is nearby the woods. Spiders do love the porches and lower level. We clean up spiders between guests. 

We do our best to keep mice from getting into the house, but again, the house is old and in the woods. So it could happen.

If large wads of toilet tissue are used for each flush, you may clog the toilet. Children should be cautioned not use excessive amounts of toilet tissue. Use ONLY the toilet paper provided, which is not the big fluffy stuff. The house is on septic, so the paper is septic safe.  


There is no 24 hour maintenance service. If something goes wrong we try our best to remedy the situation as soon as possible. Patience is greatly appreciated. You may have to tend to toilet clogs created during your stay.  Each bathroom has a plunger. Here is an entertaining video on how to unclog a toilet. Click Here

Most importantly we want you to know that the house is cared for and we are available to tend to issues that may arrive. There are times when issues are not discovered between turnovers so we appreciate you letting us know of issues you discover during your stay. This allows us to tend to them on the following turnover if it does not need immediate attention. 

TVs: No cable channels. Use the Smart TV function to cast from your phone or use Roku to watch free programing.

The kitchen TV is not a SMART TV.

Thank you again for your care of the antique home and the ability to accept that it is has unique and quirky features. 

Tidbits, tricks, and quirks about the Brick House

Please don't expect perfection at the house. The house is OLD! It was built in 1860, as shown in this vintage photoWe have "modernized" the house and maintainted the old charm. But it has quirks. The floors and stairs creak and there are some very old windows and doors.


Kitchen stuff & games - click on the photo to open slide show. Items may not be in the exact location as the photos upon your arrival as shown in these photos.



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