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Hillside Cabin Bartlett

47 Hillside Ave, Bartlett, NH (Intervale) 03812

Check-in after 3:00 | Check-out by 10:00

Once you arrive and settle-in please text Julie at 603-828-7606 so that we know you have arrived. Thank you very much.

Welcome to Cool Mountain Cabin! Thank you for choosing our cabin for your vacation. We hope you enjoy your stay, and want you to feel at home. Please read the following list to help make your stay easy and comfortable.


Cabin phone number is 603-356-3867


Call us if you have questions or need assistance at the cottage:

Julie Cell: 603-828-7606 (call this number first)

Tom Cell: 603-387-9237



In case of emergency call: 911

All calls to 911 from cell phones are routed to central dispatch in Concord.

Another option is the Carroll Country Sheriff Dispatch center 1-800-552-8960


Directions to the cabin to give to emergency personnel:

47 Hillside Avenue, Intervale/Bartlett

From Route 16N, turn right onto Route 16A (Intervale Resort Loop)

Turn right onto Hillside Avenue

House is on the left side just past Spruce Street on the right.

Green house with white trim and screened porch.


Memorial Hospital is located just North of North Conway Village

Main Switchboard Number (603) 356-5461  / 3073 White Mountain Highway


Cool Mountain Cabin House Guidelines and Tidbits

  1. Help yourself to any food items that are in the refrigerator or the cupboards.

  2. We have provided a few items you might need in a pinch, toothbrushes, shampoo etc. Help yourself to what is in the bathroom bins if you need them.

  3. Please keep in mind that this is not a commercial hotel. Please be thoughtful and careful when using our furnishings and fixtures.

  4. We have town water, which tastes fine.

  5. Please keep in mind that we are not on a town sewer. Please flush only the toilet paper provided and nothing else. In case of emergency, there is a plunger in each bathroom.  

  6. Linens and blankets are stored in the laundry room and labeled for your convenience.

  7. The hot water is hot. Use caution.

  8. Phone service is Vonage: Local and long distance calls can be made FREE of charge. Cottage phone number is 356-3867

  9. Smoking is permitted on the porch only. Ashtray is provided. Dispose of cigarettes responsibly.

  10. The furnace shut off switch and electrical panel are located next to the door of the 1st floor bathroom. There are fuses in the cabinet above the dryer.

  11. There are light bulbs in the cabinet above the dryer.

  12. There should be no need to access the basement, but if you have to, the access is from the outside under the far left of the porch. There is one light switch. Other lights work with pull-chains.

  13. In the 1st floor shower the hot and cold water designations are reversed.

  14. Please keep the shower curtain inside the shower to keep all of the water off of the floors.

  15. Iron is in the cabinet above the dryer.

  16. To use the washer you must lower the lever to the hoses.

  17. If you use the dryer please clean the lint screen after each load.

  18. Vacuum is in the coat closet area.

  19. Broom and mop are hanging in the hot water heater closet in the laundry room.

  20. We welcome the laundering of any towels and sheets prior to your departure. Please use HOT water.

  21. There is a known black bear in the area. In the summer, please be sure not to leave any food or garbage on the porches. Do not leave children or dogs unattended.

  22. Please be aware that there are areas of the property that have poison ivy. We suggest staying in areas that are grassy.

  23. Please note that there are electrical wires from the telephone pole to the house that are close to the top of the huge boulder close to the street. Please do not let children climb this huge boulder unattended.

  24. Please be mindful of the screening on the porch as to not create any rips or stretching (dogs especially).

  25. Please do not allow children to bring food or beverages into the bedrooms.

  26. Please be mindful of neighbors and keep noise to a minimum. No noise after 9:00pm.



  1. The chimney has no flue.

  2. Use the rack and only burn what will fit on the rack. Please don’t build gigantic fires. A few logs at one time will be sufficient. We have provided safety gloves.

  3. Do not clean out any ashes or coals from the fireplace. We will handle that (we purposely keep a bed of ashes in the fireplace).

  4. Close the glass doors at the end of your burning period. It is safe to close the doors when there is still a small flame. If you don’t close the glass the doors it will draw all of the heat out of the house.

  5. Do not close the glass doors when an active fire is burning (we had a guest do that thinking it was like a woodstove and the glass doors exploxed).

  6. There are 3 fire extinguishers in the house. Next to closet, in the kitchen and in the 2nd floor hallway.



  1. Please keep glass, plastic and cans out of the trash and place in bin for recycling.

  2. Please, please, please rinse all recycling items. Remove caps, corks, and lids.

  3. Dispose of all garbage in plastic bags and place in the cans. In the summer, the bins are under the porch.  In the winter, they are on the porch.

  4. If you have more than fits in the can, please tie it securely and place beside the can. We remove all garbage between rentals.




  1. Refer to your lease for the exact check-out / cleaning procedure.

  2. Strip all beds and bring sheets to the laundry room.

  3. Please put all soiled towels in the laundry basket under the wood table in the laundry room.

  4. Fold blankets and stack pillows on beds.

  5. Laundering towels and sheets is welcome and greatly appreciated!

  6. Empty all trash bins, and place your trash in designated trash area.

  7. If there are soiled blankets or duvet covers please place in laundry room.

  8. Please do not remove duvet covers unless you have soiled them.

  9. Wash, dry and store all dishes, utensils and cookware in the kitchen.

  10. Please vacate by 10:00am on your final date. Thank you.


Please, no food in bedrooms. This applies especially to children!

Roku TV

Spectrum Cable now streams through Roku. The bedroom TVs are Roku TVs and have one remote. 

The TV in the family room has Roku Express and therefore two remotes, one for the TV and one to operate Roku.

Roku TV is new to us so we can't offer support or answer any questions. We suggest just clicking through the options and choose what you want to do or watch. 

You can download the Spectrum App and watch through your Smart device. 

Good luck! 

Best way to stay in-touch during your stay is via text. We many not always be able to answer your call, but we can text within minutes. 603-828-7606

List of essentials provided at the cabin:

Four Roku / Smart TVs 

Radio / Bluetooth player | Wireless broadband internet

Washer / dryer | Iron & board

Blender, Hand mixer

Coffee maker, microwave, toaster, coffee grinder

Espresso maker (stove top type)

Pots and pans, baking sheets and pans

Salad spinner, wood salad serving bowl

Dishes, utensils, glasses, martini glasses and shaker

Several measuring cups, mixing bowls

Serving bowls, platters and utensils

Roasting pan and rack

Cutting boards: wood and plastic

Cheese grater, can opener, bottle opener, wine opener, garlic peeler

Citrus juicer: hand held


Plastic dishes and glasses


Alarm clocks in every bedroom

Games: Scrabble deluxe with turn-table, Monopoly, Taboo, Apples to Apples, Phase 10, cards, and Boggle to name a few

2 blow dryers

Two dog beds and blanket and doggie dishes


What we supply at the cottage:

Toilet paper

Linens (beds made for you prior to arrival)



Bar soap

Cleaning products

Trash bags

Laundry detergent (but if you plan to do a lot of personal laundry we ask that you bring laundry detergent)

Kitchen condiments: spices, coffee, tea, dog biscuits, olive oil, flour, salt, pepper, sugar, etc.

Foil, wax paper, plastic wrap

Paper napkins


Firewood and kindling

Dog-Friendly Policy

All of our properties are dog-friendly. Dog beds, water bowls, and dishes are provided at each property.

We ask that you bring dog blankets or coverings if your dogs sleep on the bed with you, or sit on upholstered furniture. 

While we do not mind that your dog sleep with you, we do mind having our blankets and duvet covers covered in dog hair. 

So please, please plan accordingly. If you do forget to bring one grab a sheet from our linen storage and cover the bedding and upholstered furniture. 

Your care is greatly appreciated.

Helpful Hints and Information

Check out the binder in the living room for area menus and brochures.




Conway Veterinary Hospital
(603) 447-3449

Fryeburg Veterinary Hospital

203 Bridgton Road
Fryeburg , ME




Grant’s Hannaford's Supermarket & the State Liquor Store are located in Glen.

To get there: At the end of our road go right onto 16A

Take this to the end and it joins back to 16N. Go right

Go straight at the traffic light. (that is Glen)

Market is on the left just past light and liquor store is in next plaza north on the left


Vista Country Store is just a half-mile away. It is at the corner of Hurricane Mtn. Road and Rte. 16. They have usual convenient groceries, and a very nice craft beer and wine selection. 


Lucy Hardware store is like a mini-department store. The have just about everything! Kitchen items, tools, hardware, garden stuff and other supplies. Located on Rte. 16.

To get there:

At the end of our road go right onto 16A

You pass a large pink house on the right. Take the next left onto Town Hall Rd.

At the end go left onto Rte. 16 / Lucy Hardware on the right 


Favorite restaurants: (check binder for menus)

Tuckerman's Tavern - on RT 16A, it is the closest restaurant. Open for dinner only, it is a great family place and also great for couples that like bar dining. Excellent food and good service. This can get wicked busy so plan accordingly.

Red Parka Pub – Glen: friendly service, good food, great prices.

May Kelley’s Cottage – N. Conway: great food. Nice outdoor deck in summer. Relaxed atmosphere. Sunday afternoons live Irish music.

Delaney’s Hole in the Wall – N. Conway: the best Sushi! An amazing menu selection. Great food, good prices.

Moat Mountain Brewery - N. Conway: Sweet potato fries…mmm. Interesting and different menu items and their own beer.

Elvio’s Pizza - N. Conway: excellent pizza! They offer free delivery.

Bagels Plus – N. Conway: wonderful bagels made on premises.


For shopping, dining and recreation listings and local events:


Tidbits, tricks, and quirks about the Cabin

Please don't expect perfection at the cabin. The cabin is OLD! It was built in 1900. So it has quirks, and creaks.

Most of the furniture is vintage, and should be treated with care. Bed jumping should absolutely not be permitted. 

The floors and stairs creak. Nail heads in the floors may come loose and raise up and snag a toe. There is a hammer under the bottom bunk (along with a few other tools) and you can gently hammer down as needed. 

If water overflows the shower or tub (or an overflowed toilet), it will pour through the floor into the ceiling in the kitchen. That is why the shower curtain needs to be tight to the wall, and excessive toilet paper use discouraged. 

There are spiders and bugs because the cabin is essentially in the woods. Spiders do love the porch. We try our best to find and clean up spiders between guests. 

We do our best to keep mice from getting into the house, but again, the house is old and in the woods. So it could happen.

If large wads of toilet tissue are used for each flush, you may clog the toilet. Children should be cautioned not use excessive amounts of toilet tissue. Use ONLY the toilet paper provided, which is not the big fluffy stuff. The cabin is on septic, so the paper is septic safe.  


There is no 24 hour maintenance service. If something goes wrong we try our best to remedy the situation as soon as possible. Patience is greatly appreciated. You may have to tend to toilet clogs created during your stay.  Each bathroom has a plunger. Here is an entertaining video on how to unclog a toilet. Click Here

Most importantly we want you to know that the house is cared for and we are available to tend to issues that may arrive. There are times when issues are not discovered between turnovers so we appreciate you letting us know of issues you discover during your stay. This allows us to tend to them on the following turnover if it does not need immediate attention. 

Thank you again for your care of the vintage cabin and the ability to accept that it is has unique and quirky features. 

Kitchen stuff & games - click on the photo to open slide show. Items may not be in the exact location as shown in these photos.
Roku TV remote - Bedrooms
Family Room: TV Remote and
Roku Remote.



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